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Studio Services

Compositions have been produced for short films and webisodes, as well as for chamber music series and orchestral concerts. Influences include (but not limited to) Prokofiev, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Pete Townsend, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Robert Fripp, Hindemith, Eric Clapton, and Beck. Special interests include songwriting and film scoring.

Remote Recording

No matter where you are, nowadays it's as easy as ever for a musician to make professional quality tracks from home for special recording projects. Primarily requests have been for violin tracks, but other instruments such as piano and mandolin are available for recording. If you are looking for country fiddle, rock violin, classical solo violin, or "sweetening" tracks (1-3 tracks added to a virtual string section) to add to your production, look no more!


Arranging/Orchestration is available for a wide variety of styles and events. Whether it is for film/TV/video game composers, live events, or band and artist productions, a lot can be added or made easier with an arranger/orchestrator on the team!

Music Prep

Sometimes a composer or arranger just doesn't have enough time to do everything! Copying, proofreading, transcribing and mock-ups available here!

Musician Contracting

Our list of musicians is comprised of the best and most experienced and versatile players in the Southern California area. They are available for session recordings either remotely or on location, and live events, whether they be for a concert series or a casual event.

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