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Pirates Charles

Spencer Smilanick aka "Spoo Diggity" - Lead Vocals

Tor Cronin aka "Tor" - Guitar, Backup Vocals, Flute

Steve Huber aka "Steez Peru" -  Violin, Mandolin, Piano

Dylan Cronin aka "Deedle" - Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals, Mandolin

Chris Benton aka "Mast" - Guitar, Backup Vocals

Jesse Austin aka "Harpoon" - Drums

The Pirates Charles mix sea shanties, Celtic style, classic rock, progressive rock, hard rock, into their own music that is adventurous and bold, using piracy as a metaphor for the courage to live fearlessly. They perform as a full electric rock band or an acoustic "stripped down traveling" band. 

Great for music venues, pirate festivals, renaissance festivals, and music festivals.

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