July 9-21 - Chamberfest is back!

Steve joins Music at the Mission's Chamberfest faculty once again! The students' recital is on July 21 at Mission San Jose in Fremont.

June 30 - July 1 - The Pirates Charles conquer Long Beach!

Steve joins his pirate mates for fully electric sets at Long Beach's "Pirate Invasion"!

June 14 - Berkeley Symphony Presents Matt Szemela and Friends!

Steve joins his Music at the Mission friends for an encore performance of the Mendelssohn Octet, but this time at the beautiful UC Berkeley Botanical Garden!​

May 18-20 - Hutchins Consort crosses borders...

The Hutchins Consort perform Cuban and Americana music with the G Burns Jug Band!

May 11 - Music at the Mission final concert extravaganza!!!

The Music at the Mission Concert Series ends the 2017-2018 season with a double quartet and bass! We are performing Dvorak's Serenade for Strings, Mendelssohn's Octet, and Golijov's "Last Round"!

Apr. 15 - The Hutchins Consort Rides The Wild Goose....

The Hutchins Consort had their annual gala on John Wayne's yacht, also known as "The Wild Goose"! Steve officially introduces his new toy, a melodica!!!!

Apr. 13 - The Pirates Charles meets.....Music at the Mission????

Steve introduces The Pirates Charles to the Music at the Mission peeps! The Pirates Charles performed for the Music at the Mission "Buccaneers Ball" fundraiser. Everybody had a....ball......

Apr. 7-8 - Steve joins the Orange County Women's Chorus?

Steve joins a full orchestra as Principal 2nd violinist in accompanying the Orange Coast Women's Chorus for 2 performances of Haydn's "Creation".

Mar. 22 - Music at the Mission faces The Mighty Danube

Masterful, romantic and passionate, the music of Hungary and Austria echoes the historic Danube River and is the inspiration for Music at the Mission’s March 22 concert at Old Mission San Jose. Steve will be performing the Haydn London Flute Trio no. 1 in C with Rhonda Bradetich on flute and Jennifer Kloetzel on cello, as well as Dohnanyi's Piano Quintet Op. 1, No. 1 with Katherine Lee on piano, Ertan Torgul on violin, Ivo Bokulic on viola, and Jennifer Kloetzel on cello.

Mar. 10 - Hutchins Consort goes to the Library


Steve will be performing again with the Hutchins Consort at 11 am at the Encinitas Public Library.

Feb. 15 & 18 - Crossover Concert with the Music at the Mission Chamber Players!


Steve will be performing again with his friends of the Music at the Mission Chamber Concert Series in Fremont on the 15th and in Milpitas on the 18th at 2:30 p.m. for a special crossover concert including his arrangements of "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)", "Hallelujah", "Tango 'Til They're Sore", "Kashmir", "Baba O'Riley", and his special mashup of Beethoven's Fifth and the Theme to Game of Thrones, named "Game of Fifths". They will also be performing some amazing arrangements by Emily Onderdonk as well as the 2nd movement of Huber's Piano Quintet No. 1 and a few movements of Schubert's "Death of a Maiden"! For more info go to the Music at the Mission Concert Series website.

Feb. 3, 10 & 11 - Steve Rejoins Center Stage Opera for the "Elixir of Love"!

Steve rejoins Center Stage Opera as acting concertmaster for their production of "Elixir of Love".

Feb. 6 - Street Symphony, Longy School of Music, and Sir Oliver present the Skid Row Marley Day Celebration

Steve was commissioned by Street Symphony to arrange 3 Bob Marley tunes to be performed with DJ Sir Oliver by students of the Longy School of Music.

Jan. 19-21 & 23 - Bach and Rock is Back, Jack!

Steve performs with the Hutchins Consort for another one of their wildly popular "Bach and Rock" concerts. Included in the program is an encore performance of Steve's arrangement of Genesis' "It's Gonna Get Better", featuring Pete Jacobson on Tenor Violin.

Jan. 9 & 11 - Preppin' the Kids for Cats!

Steve coaches the Dana Hills High School students for their upcoming performance of "Cats".


Dec. 20 - Movin' to Menifee!

The Huber Family moves to Menifee, a growing city in between Temecula and Riverside. Steve is hoping to develop the music scene in this area by starting a music series! Stay Tuned!

Nov. 25 - Introducing the Los Angeles Chamber Rock Orchestra!

Steve joins the premier of the Los Angeles Chamber Rock Orchestra as their concertmaster! The first performance of this orchestra founded by former Big Bad Voodoo Daddy trumpetist Tony Bonsera celebrates the music of the Beatles at Swing House Studios (3229 Casitas Ave, L.A., CA 90039). Tickets are available at

Nov. 13-22 -Session Recording for "La Gran Madre"

Steve adds live violin and viola tracks from the comfort of home to Josh Johnson's score for "La Gran Madre", a documentary about Nora Sandigo, legal guardian to over 2,000 US-citizen children of undocumented immigrants, as she sacrifices everything to keep American-born children with their undocumented parents.

Nov. 9 - Huber goes to the Bowl

Steve joins the "Legacy Orchestra" for his first performance at the Hollywood Bowl! They will be performing for the Pete Tong Ibiza Classics. For tickets go to

Oct. 6-8 - All Roads Lead To Romany presented by the Hutchins Consort

Steve joins the Hutchins Consort for a new season with the Hutchins Consort. Music by and inspired by the Romany people will be featured. You can find more details at

July 19-21 - Steve joins Quartet San Francisco for concerts in Kansas!​

Steve will be joining 3-time Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco again for more concerts! We will be performing for the Chamber Music at the Barn Concert Series in Maize, Kansas. For more info, see

July 5-15 - Chamberfest is Back!

ChamberFest Music Festival returns for its 3rd season! Steve will be teaching violin, chamber music, improvisation, and music analysis.



May 13 - Music at the Mission ends the season with "The Golden Door"


The promise of Liberty! "The Golden Door," Mark Fish's new work commissioned by Music at the Mission with a documentary by local filmmakers, celebrates the multicultural immigrant experience in Fremont, a community of rich cultures brought together by choice and circumstance. Flavors of the Philippines, Mexico, China, India and Pakistan blend with classical themes in this inspirational multi-media World Premiere. This concert will be performed on May 13th at Mission San Jose in Fremont. For more info go to the Music at the Mission Concert Series website.

Apr. 28-30 - Immigrant Composers presented by the Hutchins Consort

Throughout the 20th century many artists as well as other professionals immigrated to the U.S. searching for freedom. The Hutchins Consort will be performing music from some of these composers who contributed to enrich the world music scene, like Bartok, Schoenberg, Stravinsky or Zeisl. Concerts are Apr. 28 in Encinitas, 29 in Santa Monica, and 30 in Newport Beach. You can find more details at

Apr. 23 - Crossover Concert with the Music at the Mission Chamber Players!


Steve will be performing again with his friends of the Music at the Mission Chamber Concert Series in Milpitas on April 23rd at 2:30 p.m. for a special crossover concert including his arrangements of "Landslide", "Sing, Sing, Sing", "Cafe 1930", "Tennessee Waltz", and "Gracias a La Vida". They will also be performing some amazing arrangements by Emily Onderdonk as well as several movements of Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 8! For more info go to the Music at the Mission Concert Series website.

Mar. 26 & 31 - Steve joins Quartet San Francisco for a Northern U.S. tour!​

Steve will be joining 3-time Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco for a tour to Oregon and Washington! We will be performing in Portland on March 26th and Leavenworth, Washington on March 31st. For info, see

Feb 24 - The Point Richmond Jazz String Quartet in...wait for it....Point Richmond!

Steve will be joining Emily Onderdonk, Matt Szemela, and Turtle Island String Quartet founding cellist Mark Summer for some funk and rock on Feb. 24 at Point Richmond Jazz! Included on the program are some of Steve's rock string quartet arrangements, including his Vivaldi/Hendrix mashup "Manic Summer". For more info, see

Feb. 16 - Orchestre Surreal Shoots Themselves

Steve will be joining Orchestre Surreal for a live shooting on Feb. 16 at El Portal Theater in Los Angeles at 8 pm. For pre-loaded discounts, click on this:

Feb. 1-4 -Hutchins Consort is Bach.... and Rock....!

Included in their special "Bach and Rock" series will be Steve's arrangements of the classic prog rock band UK's "Caesar's Palace Blues" and his adaptation of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's version of Copland's "Fanfare of the Common Man". The Consort will be performing in Los Angeles on Feb. 1,  Encinitas on Feb. 3, and in Santa Monica  on Feb. 4, and Newport Beach on Feb. 5. For more info, see




Mo' Mission, Mo' Music

Steve will be performing again in several presentations from the Music at the Mission Concert Series. The season will begin at Mission San Jose in Fremont on Nov. 19th



Rocktet EP Released!

The Rocktet EP is finally released! Listen or buy the tracks at



The Hutchins Consort returns

Steve will be performing again on the treble violin with the Hutchins Consort on Oct. 21-23.



Leading the GSPO 

Steve will be sitting in as concertmaster of the Golden State Pops Orchestra on Oct 29! The theme of the "Disney in Concert : A Silly Symphony Celebration" will be a tuneful and colorful celebration of groundbreaking cartoons produced at the Walt Disney Studios between 1929 and 1939. The performance will be at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, CA.



Arrangements performed by Street Symphony

The Street Symphony, which is a non profit organization run by L.A. Phil violinist Vijay Gupta, will be performing arrangements by Steve in performance with the Lineage Dance Company in Pasadena at 7 p.m. Oct. 16th. 



How Surreal! How Surreal!​

Steve reunites with the Orchestre Surreal as concertmaster for a special performance at the Shakespeare Orange County Theater in Garden Grove for a special performance on Sept. 11.


Did you say "Kid Cudi"?​

Steve participated as Principal 2nd violin for the next upcoming Kid Cudi CD!


You can thank the Pirates Charles!​

The Pirates Charles CD "Invictus" is nearly ready for distribution! This is the first CD that Steve has collaborated on with the Pirates Charles.


Hutchins Consort recording project

Steve started recording sessions with the  Hutchins Consort. More news to come!



All About That Chamberfest

Many more students have joined ChamberFest Music Festival in its 2nd season. Steve taught violin, piano, chamber music, improvisation, and music analysis. Closing out the program was Steve's arrangement of Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass, which was sung by wunderkind Enrica Waugh and accompanied by a piano trio.



The Road to Rocktet

The Rocktet EP is nearly done! Featuring 3 tracks from our upcoming album, this will be the very first sample of Rocktet!



Back to the Mission, Back to the Basics

Steve will be performing Mozart's Piano Trio in G, K564 and Piazzolla's Grand Tango (an arrangement for Violin, Bass, and Piano) with his fellow Juilliard Alumns Bill Everett and Aileen Chanco at Mission San Jose in Fremont on April 7th.



Mission Mashup Madness

Steve will be performing again for the Music at the Mission Salon Series. Features include funky arrangements by fellow crossover artist Emily Onderdonk and a new arrangement of his mashup called Manic Summer, a mix of Vivaldi's 3rd movement of Summer from the Four Seasons and Jimi Hendrix's Manic Depression, soon to be featured on the Rocktet debut CD! First performance will be at Mission Cafe in Fremont on Jan. 28, and at a beautiful private home in N. Milpitas on Jan. 31


Hutchins Consort comes to Santa Monica!

Steve joins the Hutchins Consort once again playing treble violin at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on Jan. 14,  St. Andrew Episcopal Church in Encinitas on Jan. 15, and in Santa Monica at St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church on Jan. 16.




Viva La "Ravel"-ution!

After a successful season performing with the Music at the Mission Concert Series and teaching at their very first ChamberFest Music Festival, Steve has been invited to return to the series again this season. He will be performing Jolivet's Chant de Linos and Saint-Saens Fantaisie for Violin and Harp, as well as Ravel's Tziganne and Franck's Sonata for violin and piano with his fellow Juilliard Alumn Aileen Chanco at Mission San Jose in Fremont on November 21.



Hutchins Consort

Steve joins the Hutchins Consort playing treble violin at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on Oct. 15,  and at St. Andrew Episcopal Church in Encinitas on Oct. 16.