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Salim Merchant

Singer/Songwriter, Bollywood icon, Indian Idol judge

"It's been an incredible experience working with Steve as a friend, orchestrator, arranger, violinist. His versatility in understanding different genres of music just makes it so easy to collaborate on anything."


Latin Singer/Songwriter (War of the Worlds, Ray Donovan, The Shield), Lead Singer of Fragil, music producer

"It's a pleasure to work with Steve, not only for his experience as a musician, but for his musical taste! His ability of improvisation is insane, not to mention that his perfect pitch makes everything sound just right."

Eva-Marie Fredric

Creator/Actor/Producer, "Shorty and Morty" and "Shorty & Morty: Hollywood @Steak"

"I gave Steve the same few notes that I gave other composers of whimisical, magic, dark humour for a main theme and gave him a few days to come up with a sound as we were on deck for a film festival. Steve not only delivered the most delightfully eloquent theme but he took care to give each character their own instrument! Mr. Huber's talents have such depth and refinery, plus he delivers. He scored both shorts that have been seen from here to Australia and everyone has always commented on the music. Amazing musician and composer - I am also proud to call friend."

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